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Then had to go to bathroom to make sure not bleeding

His son, a Head Start graduate, is at the top of his kindergarten class.»The teacher is really amazed how advanced he is in math, reading and spelling,» Arroyo said.In California, about 6,000 fewer children would attend Head Start programs in the fall, said Rick Mockler, executive director of the state’s Head Start Association. Currently, the program serves 112,000 children.57 ways sequester could stingWhat is the March 1 sequester?The successes of early childhood programs such as Head Start are being widely debated. Proponents say that children who get a head start in early childhood learning perform better in school.Detractors cite a federal study that found once Head Start kids get to third grade, they do no better than their schoolmates who didn’t attend Head Start programs.Obama pointed to studies of states that make it a priority to educate its youngest children, which show students grow up more likely to read and do math at grade level, graduate high school, hold a job, and form more stable families of their own.Most federal worker furloughs could start in AprilPennsylvania State University research from 2011 found that fifth graders who attended Capital Area Head Start in Harrisburg, Pa., performed better on math and literacy tests than peers who didn’t go through the program.Currently, the program has 700 children on the waiting list, but it will have to cut admissions for 70 children and also cut up to 20 teachers and staff.»Seeing the really positive outcomes we have had and the incredible waiting lists, it makes you sick to your stomach,» said Jo Pepper, director of the program..

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