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The exact amount of construction costs on the Pattullo is

If you are claiming as a couple, then you will need to give details for both of you.You’ll need to have some key documents to hand, including things like payslips, business accounts and figures for any childcare costs you’ve run up.If you are self employed and haven’t sorted your accounts yet, then you may not have the final figures for your income yet, so you can use estimates. However, you will need to provide the actual figures by the self assessment deadline of 31st January.You can renew online, use the HMRC app, post your renewal details or do it over the phone.If you need help with your renewal, you can actually turn to Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa for help. Earlier this month HMRC announced that users can ask Alexa to ‘open HMRC’ and ask for help and information with things like a change of circumstances, payment information or renewals.Thankfully no personal information is stored on the system, and you can’t actually renew your tax credits using the gadget.Childcare vouchers v Tax free childcare: Martin Lewis on how to make the right choice ahead of the April deadlineWhat happens if you miss the deadline?What about universal credit? Universal credit is supposed to replace things like working tax credits and child tax credits, as well as other benefits, with a single payment..

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