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But we canada goose store didn’t really know what was going on

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canada goose coats Efraim Zuroff’s great uncle was taken by gang of Lithuanians during WWII, never seen againZuroff: Gang was «roaming the streets of the city looking for Jews with beards to arrest»Over 90 percent of Lithuania’s 220,000 Jews buy canada goose jacket cheap were killed during World War IIIndependent Lithuania has failed to punish a single citizen for Holocaust crimesEditor’s note: CNN’s Gena Somra and Farhad Shadravan traveled to Lithuania with Efraim Zuroff in November 2008, reporting on his journey and producing the video in this piece.(CNN) Efraim Zuroff’s great uncle was kidnapped in Vilnius, Canada Goose sale Lithuania, on July 13, 1941, by a gang of Lithuanians «roaming the streets of the city looking for Jews with beards to arrest.»»He was taken to Lukiskis Prison to this day the main jail in the city and was murdered shortly thereafter,» says Zuroff. So were his wife and two boys.Born seven years later in Brooklyn, New York, Zuroff was named for his great uncle and grew up questioning his American born canada goose clearance parents about the Holocaust.What were they doing? What could they uk canada goose outlet have done?»And my parents they said, ‘Listen. we went to demonstrations, we tried to do what we could. But we canada goose store didn’t really know what was going on, and it wasn’t clear what we could do. «That answer did not canadian goose jacket satisfy Zuroff.»I wanted to know what the average Jew sitting in his living room in Baltimore, canadagooseoutlete New York, Chicago, cheap Canada Goose Miami, could have known by reading the newspapers.»I wanted to try and understand how something like the Holocaust could have happened.»Zuroff would go on to spend canada goose coats his life hunting Nazis and ensuring their punishment. Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations, which is in charge of Nazi war crimes prosecutions. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, more names of alleged Holocaust criminals have turned up from Lithuania than from anywhere else in canada goose uk black friday Eastern Europe, says Zuroff.But prosecuting those criminals for war crimes has been a disappointment, says Zuroff, because since its canada goose factory sale independence in 1991, Lithuania has failed to Canada Goose Online punish a single one of its own Holocaust war criminals.Now, canada goose uk shop says Zuroff, Lithuania buy canada goose jacket is trying to rewrite Holocaust history. «Nowhere in the world,» he says, «has a Canada Goose Coats On Sale government gone to such lengths to obscure their role in the Holocaust.. Their mission is to change the history of the Holocaust to make themselves blameless.»Lithuania and the NazisWithin five months of Nazi Germany’s invasion in the summer of 1941, most of Lithuania’s canada goose 200,000 to 220,000 Jews were dead shot and left in massive sand pits canada goose black friday sale and mass graves along with thousands of ethnic Poles, the mentally ill and others. By the end of the war, the percentage of Jews killed in Lithuania 90 to 96 percent was as high or higher than anywhere else in Europe.»And the question is, ‘Why were the numbers so high?’ And here we come to a subject that is very, very delicate and difficult,» says Zuroff. «One of the main reasons so many Jews were killed here is because of the help of the local population of the Lithuanians.»The pace of the mass murder of Lithuania’s Jews and the active participation of the local population canada goose uk outlet are meticulously recorded in two of the most infamous documents of Holocaust history.The Jaeger Report, written by Karl Jaeger, the SS commander of a Nazi killing unit that operated around Vilnius, Lithuania, is a matter of fact canada goose coats on sale account of those killed each day under his command.September 1, 1941, a typical entry, lists those killed for the day as: «1,404 Jewish children, 1,763 Jews, 1,812 Jewesses, 109 mentally sick people, one German woman who was married to a Jew, and one Russian woman.»In the report, Jaeger notes the «essential» help of local Lithuanians and says 4,000 Jews were «liquidated by pogroms and executions,» exclusively by Lithuanian partisans. The final count of those murdered starting in the summer of 1941 and cheap canada goose uk ending in November of that year is 133,346 the vast Canada Goose Outlet majority of them Jews.Read Jaeger Report»Ponary Diary, 1941 1943: A Bystander’s Account of a Mass Murder,» was written by Polish Lithuanian journalist Kazimierz Sakowicz, who was living within earshot of the biggest killing field in Lithuania, the sand pits of the Ponary Forest.It is a litany of unending cruelty mostly of Lithuanians killing Lithuanian Jews. Entries from April 5, 1943, Canada Goose Jackets describe the murder of about 2,500 Jews who arrive in 48 train freight cars:»A woman with a child in her arms and with two small girls clinging to her dress: A Lithuanian begins to beat them mercilessly with a club. A Jew without a jacket throws himself on the Lithuanian to defend the woman being beaten. A shot is fired he falls, practically at the feet of his Jewess. A second Lithuanian seizes the woman’s child and throws him into the pit; the Jewish woman, like a madwoman, runs to the pit, followed by her two little children. Three shots are fired.»The Nazis arrived after a year of occupation by the Soviet Union that was so brutal that many Lithuanians canada goose clearance sale welcomed the Nazis when they arrived in June 1941.Nazi propaganda painted local Jews as communists in league with the Soviets, stoking existing local anti Semitism, Canada Goose online and prompting the provisional government in Lithuania, and thousands canada goose outlet of Lithuanians, to help facilitate the Nazi policy of liquidating the local Jewish population, according to Yale Historian Timothy Snyder, who has written extensively about the region.In reality, Jews making up much of the «bourgeois» merchants and intellectuals that the Soviets sought to «re educate» bore as much or more Soviet brutality as any, says Snyder.And yet, even today, says Leonidas Donskis, a Lithuanian MP in the European Parliament, «quite a large segment of Lithuanian society is still inclined to consider Jews Canada Goose Parka as collectively responsible for the mass killings and deportations of civilians, as well as uk canada goose for other atrocities committed during the Soviet occupation.» canada goose coats.

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