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«Alcohol related incidents can lead to disorder related injuries

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moncler outlet store Get daily cheap moncler jackets mens updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThe ambulance service logged 2788 calls moncler outlet prices in the county in 2017/18 where alcohol was listed as a factor, according to figures revealed following a Freedom of Information request.It cheap moncler jackets breaks down to 1459 in North Lanarkshire and 1329 in South Lanarkshire. It is the equivalent of 7.6 calls per day.The number of drink related calls was up from 1982 Lanarkshire wide in 2016/17.However, this is the first increase in five years where previously the number of calls was falling, down from 4077 in total in 2013/14.Based on the number of calls per 1000 people, North Lanarkshire saw 4.3 calls per 1000 people in 2017/18, and South Lanarkshire 4.2, compared to the Scottish average of 3.5 calls cheap moncler jackets womens per 1000 people.Across Scotland, the ambulance service logged 19,147 calls in 2017/18 where alcohol was listed as a factor. That’s the equivalent of 52 calls per day.The number of drink related calls was up from 12,328 in 2016/17 but down from moncler sale 27,102 in 2013/14.Kevin Brandstatter, GMB National Officer, said: «Our dedicated ambulance members moncler usa deal with tens of thousands of call outs every day.»Unquestionably some of these are alcohol related, especially at evenings, weekends and during the festive period.»Alcohol related incidents can lead to disorder related injuries, with drink fueled violence, but also injuries caused by being heavily intoxicated.»Many people like to unwind with a drink and the fault of excessive drinking doesn’t just lie at an individual’s door.»Issues like cheap alcohol, and bars continuing to serve people when they are drunk, contribute to these incidents and the moncler outlet store hospitality industry must take some of the blame for continuing to ply drunk people with cheap boozer in order to make profit.»Whether injuries are self inflicted or inflicted by someone else, GMB ambulance staff will still be there to help even though drunkenness can sometimes lead to assaults on ambulance staff cheap moncler coats mens simply trying moncler uk outlet to help.»He continued: «Christmas is on the horizon and incidents of drunken behaviour rise during the festive period.»GMB calls for some restraint by individuals to temper their drinking habits, and for pubs and bars to recognise when moncler outlet someone has had enough.»Without seeking to dampen peoples enthusiasm, GMB would just like to remind everyone our members are trying to help people, to save lives.»Please remember that even discount moncler jackets after a few drinks and remember the new penalties for assaulting ambulance staff can lead to imprisonment, dismissal from work and all the problems that then arise. moncler https://www.moncleroutletmall.com womens jackets moncler outlet store

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cheap moncler sale The roof was open when we moncler outlet woodbury came in to train, then it was closed.»We trained with it closed and will be for the game. It was quite warm. The atmosphere changes. According to the official gazette, under the new law, prominent social media personalities will be subjected to censorship and prosecution over a host of vaguely defined offences.Under the new law, approved by Egypt parliament in July, social media accounts with more than 5,000 followers will now have to follow the same rules as media platforms. The accounts of prominent personalities with significant social media influence may be blocked by the government for propagating news, inciting violence or hatred, inciting discrimination, defamation and insulting religion.The country Supreme Council for Media Regulations will monitor people with more than 5,000 followers on social media or with a personal blog or website. The Council, which came into existence two years ago, will have the power to place people with more than 5,000 followers under supervision and impose binding judgments that may include heavy financial penalties.Rights uk moncler sale groups alleged that the new law is one of a series of measures aimed at curbing freedom of expression online cheap moncler sale.

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